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Clip of the Week

Links of Basic Skills and Exemplary Wrestling:

Spencer Lee - ArmBar 

NEW Cardinal Wrestling Uniforms: White/Red/Black

This year, we are working with Damaged Ear Wrestling Gear to create a total of three singlets and one set of compression shorts/t-shirt for our program!

LHS Wrestling Program Donations

Donations to our program help provide new equipment and to support the team when we travel and must provide lodging and food. Thank you for supporting wrestling, and the student athletes who benefit from participation!

2021-22 Season Registration OPEN

OPEN: Lincoln High School Wrestling Registration - Grades 9th-12th - Pay through School Pay during process
CLOSED: Lincoln Youth Wrestling Registration - Grades 6th-8th - Pay through School Pay during process
Rick Sanders Mat Club  - Grades 2nd-5th - Print and complete the following forms:
Participation Form - document below
Payment for Rick Sanders Mat Club is done by cash or check made to Lincoln High School Wrestling. Payment and forms due at first practice.

IN-SEASON: Practice Information

Lincoln High School Wrestling Practice begins:
Nov 15th - 4:30-6:30pm M-F
     Metropolitan Learning Center (MLC) 
     2033 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209
Practice begins at 5:30pm - we need to roll out/clean mats - and get kids moving ASAP. The more who are on time or early the better. Your promptness is greatly appreciated!
Lincoln Youth Wrestling Practice begins:
Nov 15th- TBD @ 5-7:00pm W/F
     Skyline Elementary/Middle School
     11536 NW Skyline Blvd, Portland, OR 97231
Practice begins at 5:00pm - we need to roll out/clean mats - and get kids moving ASAP. The more who are on time or early the better. Your promptness is greatly appreciated!


Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 5:30-7:30pm @ Jefferson HS w/PWC

 GO Cards!!!
Coach Farinola 

Animale of of the Week

The "Animale" is awarded to the athlete who give 100% effort, and by doing so positively impacts/leads teammates. It is based on performance (effort not just outcomes) at a competition or at practice. 
HS Representatives: 
     - BOYS: 
     - GIRLS: 
Honorable mentions:  

2021 Oregon Classic Trip Information

2021 tourny on hold... update ASAP - Coach 9/2/20
- BOYS and GIRLS Varsity Teams Travel!!!! 
     Depart LHS Jan 14 @ 4pm
     Return to LHS Jan 16 @ TBD (~ Midnight)
- Selected JV boys/girls are invited by the coaching staff
- Boys and Girls Varsity Teams both compete on Friday AND Saturday 
The costs associated with the trip are covered by our fundraising, but if you would like to contribute specifically to this trip, please feel free! $100 donation to the club - goes towards hotel costs for club and general fund to make the trip run smoothly: School Pay/Wrestling
Paperwork for the OR Classic - Parents: please print pages 5 and 6 - then fill out 5 and sign page 6 AND the Medical Form. Send back with your child to practice ASAP: 

Home Workout During QUARANTINE

Wrestling Exercises to do AT HOME:
1st Period - 2 minutes
    1. Move in your stance for 30 seconds (STANCE/MOTION/LEVEL CHANGE)
    2. Jumping jacks for 30 seconds (Cardio)
    3. Squats for 30 seconds (LIFT)
    4. Pushups for 30 seconds (Strength)
2nd Period - 2 minutes
    1. Plank for 30 seconds (Core)
    2. Burpies for 30 seconds (LEVEL CHANGE)
    3. Jump Squats (think Burpies without going flat to your belly) for 30 seconds (LIFT/LEVEL CHANGE)
    4. Elbow to hand plank building for 30 seconds (alternating the hand you start with)
3rd Period - 2 minutes
    1. Sit ups for 30 seconds (Core)
    2. Mountain Climbers for 30 seconds (Cardio/Core)
    3. Shoulder Touches from plank position (Core)
    4. Moving in your stance for 30 seconds (STANCE/LEVEL CHANGE/MOTION)
    1. 1 minute of setups: Snap Downs and Wrist Pulls - Ask Dad to help ;) (STANCE/MOTON/LEVEL CHANGE - with purpose of moving opponent)
    2. 1 minute of pushups (Strength)
If you are willing to give 6-8 minutes, daily, to your wrestling training, you will be in great shape when we return to the mat. This less than 10 minute commitment will also provide you with an outlet for your stored up energy… this expenditure will help you sit for online classwork with more mental focus. For those who are intensely focused on mat success next season, push yourself to make this as “real” as possible. Two to three times a week, do this workout once per hour for three, four, five hours. Treat it like a tourney - maximum matches in a day is five, so build up to it! 
I do understand that this can become monotonous, so get creative and swap out these exercises as you see fit. If you are simply not tired after your workout, OR you want to totally switch it up, take a look at what Mike Macchiavello (NCAA Champion from NC State) does to keep in shape. This guy is a beast!
Additional variations to keep it interesting:
Take a standard deck of cards and shuffle them. Place the stack face down and turn the first card over... BLACK Suites are Push ups and RED Suites are Sit ups. The face value tells you how many to do: 10 of Diamonds is 10 Sit ups while a 10 of Clubs means 10 Push ups. Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, Kings are 13 and Aces are 14... there are two jokers... ONE joker is 1 Push up WHILE the other joker is one Sit up. Finish the deck each day - however long it takes - get it done
To keep in shape, and burn some extra calories, be sure to run at least one mile a day... if you can run more... do so. How often should you run? That depends on what kind of shape do you want to be in when you return... ;)  


To participate in OWA events (Oregon Wrestling Association NOT OSAA events) you must obtain a USA Wrestling Card. The cost of the card is $50.
Follow this link to create an account: 
EMAIL a copy of your USA card (PDF) to Coach Farinola.

Year Round Training: Folk/Freestyle/Greco Roman at PWC

Peninsula Wrestling Club (PWC/"The Pit")
     700 N. Rosa Parks Way
     M/W/F 5:30-7:30pm ALL LEVELS WELCOMED!!!
     T/TH 8-9:30pm HS Level ONLY
We encourage ALL LHS program wrestlers to take advantage of PWC's training. The more mat time you get, the better you will become at this sport. 

This club offers some of the highest level coaches around - former Olympians and Olympic level coaches/referees, UFC fighters, National Champions - Hiag Brown, and of course, one USA Wrestling GOLD LEVEL coach... Roy Pittman.
We encourage ALL HS level wrestlers who can handle the additional practice (be sure you are on top of your school work, first) to make plans to attend as many T/TH PWC practices AFTER our practice. The more mat time you get, the better at the sport you become. 
Enjoy the break - but be sure to respect the work you have already done... let's be smart and display real Integrity over break.
Coach Farinola coaches at PWC when available during the Spring season. 


Jay Robinson Wrestling Camps: 7/28-8/10/2019 - JRob Camps live up to the hype. 14 days of intensity... life changing for sure.
Marco Farinola went for the second year!
OSU Wrestling: 7/1-10/2019 Camp: 
Elliot Hendren, Mack Dolich, Patrick Barnette attended - let's do it as a team in 2020! 
Montana Intensive Wrestling Camp: 6/23-28/2019 
Amara and Hania Halverson attended - Hania earned "Outstanding Wrestler" recognition. 
I'm so proud of those who went - it will make an impact on your season: "Winter Champions are made in the Summer!"
Stay connected to your skills, over the summer... GO CARDS!!!

2020 District and State Championship Outcomes

OSAA State Championships:
     Sophie Keefer placed 3rd in the OSAA Girls State Championships
PIL Championships:
     Marco Farinola placed 2nd at the PIL 6A Districts

PPS Spotlight on 2019-20 Girls Wrestling Team

2018-2019 Lincoln Girls Wrestling in the News

OregonianLive Article featuring our Lincoln Girls Wrestling Team in the inaugural season for Oregon Girls!!!


2020-21 Team GPA: GOAL IS 3.5+!!!
2019-20 Team GPA: 3.45 - we placed 5th in the State
2018-19 Team GPA: 3.54 - we placed 2nd in the State. 
GO Cards STUDENT-athletes!!!


Wrestling is about CONTROL... if you gain it, you score, if you lose it, they score, if you break away from it, you score, and if you gain it again... you score again!
     Watch a match to see who gains control of the other person. 
     Watch to see who is MOVING and dictating the pace - that person is usually in control and scores.
HEAD UP! Is a typical call from the coach in the corner of a wrestler. Our bodies will follow our head, so if our head is down, our body goes down... if our head is up, our bodies will LIFT or rise up... would you look up or down when skiing, riding a bike, or running? You look up, of course ;)
The mechanics of the human body mandate our head is up IF we want to get up to our feet or stay on top of something. 
Referees are charged with determining CONTROL to award points (as mentioned above), and one way to judge if a wrestler is in control of themselves (or being controlled by others) is the position of the their head. There are other factors to consider when awarding points for sure, but for now - let's all agree that if we keep our heads up, we are likely to be in the best position to gain/keep or escape/reverse control. 
     Look at HEAD POSITION in addition to MOTION and CONTROL when watching a wrestling match.
LHS Wrestling Coaching Staff

Tournament Expectations: Food and Hydration

What we put in our bodies has an incredible effect on how our bodies will feel and ultimately, how we will perform.  Too often, tourneys only offer heavy, greasy food like pizza, or salty foods like hot dogs and chips... NONE of this is what we want to use as fuel.
When we travel to a tourney or even a dual meet after school, we are looking for the athletes to have healthy options for nutrition and hydration - here are some suggestion:
Hydration: WATER... sport drinks are full of sugar, if you were to take one small sport drink and dilute it in a gallon of water - that would be an ideal drink for the day.
Food: lite, lean protein (turkey/chicken) and veggies, some fruit, nuts/trail mix (unsalted) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (on 100% whole wheat bread) - easy to digest food with HIGH caloric values.
Train hard, fuel correctly - perform at your best ;)
Stay Healthy, Fit, and Ready to perform - GO Cards!!!

Competition Hygiene

 - we must all do our part to keep eachother same from scratches.
 - those who have "rough" chins or heads due to shaving, MUST keep it smooth.

2021 Oregon Cultural Exchange trip TBD

Info to come...

Coach's Office

Why Wrestle?
I believe wrestling is extremely important to the development of all adolescents/young adults - both boys and girls. There are numerous health benefits that come from the training, there is certainly a benefit from the perspective of “self defense”, there is a benefit that all sports share by providing an arena for healthy competition, but most important to me is the role wrestling plays in one’s self exploration. 
I watch little kids wrestle and have so much fun, and then around 7th grade, they recognize that this is really hard work… and many quit. I am entering my 25th year coaching wrestling, and can honestly say that I have watched many more kids come and go than come and stay. The kids who leave once wrestling transitions from fun to hard work are the kids who are not willing to put in effort. These are kids who likely had success right away because of their athleticism or natural aggression, and then when the “community” of wrestlers around them caught up, they folded because they didn’t want to put in the work to stay on top. I have seen this exact scenario played out over and over again. It is a typical pattern. 
It takes a certain mentality to continue to take the punishment of practice, take lumps at competitions, and yet continue to show up. To me, the best part of this sport is what one learns about themselves when they must pick themselves up and continue… most don't... only a few do. This sport is fantastic practice for life. You WILL have jobs, bosses, relationships, experiences that start fun and then turn into hard work. You will have to pick yourself up many, many, many times as an adult… it is inevitable.
My desire for our wrestling community is to train on how to be “comfortable in the uncomfortable” situations life will hand you - they are coming - that is for certain for all. Wrestling is the one place where I have found consistent opportunities to face uncomfortable situations ALONE and rise up to the challenge. To find out who you are when the cards are stacked against you… remember, they will be stacked against your many times in life - for certain. Those who practice working through difficulty will improve while those who turn away will have to answer for that cowardice at some point. It always catches up.
Reflect on this quote: “Everything you want in life is on the other side of Fear.”
“I want to be in play, but I’m afraid of public speaking.”
“I want to do front flip, but I’m afraid of getting hurt.”
“I want to participate in _______, but I’m afraid of missing out on ______."
“I want to ask that person out on a date, but I’m afraid of rejection.”  
There is nothing worse in life than regrets. Sometimes regrets come from decisions we make in a moment without thinking things through. Sometimes they come from a pattern of bad decisions. Many times we regret loosing focus, not taking a chance, not seeing something to the end, and the reality is that once the opportunity has passed… it is gone. Many times, it is gone forever.
I use the sport of wrestling as a tool to train athletes on how to focus through difficult situation.
How do I focus when it is hard? When your body wants to quit, when your mind begins to doubt, when your giving in to the voices clouding your focus with negative “anchors” like:
“I’m tired…”
“This is too hard…”
“I can’t…”
In these moments, we have to learn to trust the plan/process. We have to rely on our training. We have to believe in ourselves. We have to remain positive and focus until the final whistle. Then, win or lose on the scoreboard - there can be no regret because everything was given.
Nothing was held back to linger and repeat in our minds the root of regret:
“If I only…”
My request of the Lincoln High School community, is that those who are interested in the sport, give it a real shot for a full season. It takes time to get the “rhythm” of this game… overall gratification is most definitely delayed. The benefit of making it through a season is the shape your body and mind are in at the end. Scores, championships, trophies come and go, get lost and broken, and mean very little other than to show others what you have done.
Experience and memories shape our lives, and wrestling continuously provide countless opportunities to “learn about oneself.”
Do I want everyone to wrestle? Absolutely.
Do your families/friends want you to wrestle? Maybe.
The biggest questions is WHAT DO YOU WANT?
I do not want anyone to wrestle for others. I don't want anyone to wrestle to prove anything to anyone but themselves - that is the core of the sport. That is what this is all about - not state championships, or medals, but self exploration, understanding and growth. 
I’m pumped for this season - I look forward to building a relationship with each of the wrestlers who step up to answer the question:
Do I have what it takes to stand alone?
GO Cards!!!
Coach Farinola 

OSAA Skin Clearance Form

IF YOU HAVE SKIN ISSUES: Print and fill out this document with your doctor