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Equestrian Team


Interested in joining the equestrian team?  We welcome new athletes of all levels!  Many questions can be answered in the FAQ's below.  Reach out to us at:

2024 Equestrian Team: Alyssa, Finnley, Rose, Katherine & Caroline

Equestrian Team is a winter sport. Practice kicks off in December and runs through March.   Each District Holds 3 Meets Between January and April.  Year End Class Medal Earners, and Top 10%, qualify for the State Championship Meet.  The Top 5% In each Class at State Qualify to represent Oregon at the Pacific NW Invitational Championship.

The same rules apply to the Equestrian Team as other High School Team Sports. Practices are essential.  The Head Coach and Advisor place athletes on individual and team events based on rider skill and horse ability.  Each individual event points are added to the over team points.  Athletes can participate in up to 5 individual events and unlimited team events. 

Unlike other Equine events, OHSET is about “TEAM” and working together.  OHSET provides athletes exposure and growth to a wide variety of equestrian events.


Jumping, Trail, In Hand Trail, Flag Ceremony, Bi-Rangle, Canadian Flags, Barrel Racing, Individual Flags, Pole Bending, Figure 8 & Keyhole. 

Dressage, IHOR, Working Pairs, Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, Saddleseat, Drill, Reining, Hunt Seat, Team Versatility & Driving

Working Rancher, Steer Daubing & Roping, Team Sorting & Team Versatility Challenge. 


Q: Does the team provide horses for the students to use?

A: Unfortunately, our team does not have horses to lease. Each team Member is responsible for their own horse and hauling their horse to and from practice and competitions. Sometimes, we have families with extra horses or connections to horses at their barns. Reach out to us as we may be able to help. 

Q: Do students need to own their own horse to participate on the team?

A: No.  Many team members lease or borrow their horses. Typically, about half the team leases vs owns.

Q: Any recommendations on finding a horse?

A: Our first recommendation is for students to reach out to the barn where they have taken lessons.  Ask the trainers and owners at your home barn. Spread the word among friends and friends of friends that you are looking for a lease and call local horse facilities to find a lease. Other options are the following Facebook OHSET Groups where individuals post horses for lease or sale.  This is also a good place to add a post that you are looking for a horse to lease. Facebook Groups: NE District OHSET, NW District OHSET and OHSET Classified.

Finally, come to our informational meeting held each Sept/Oct. Often, we have families with extra horses or connections to horses at their barns. Basically, it takes a community. 

Q: When should I start my horse search?

A: We highly recommend starting your search the year before you plan to join the team. Come to the competitions to start making connections. Reach out to us and we can provide a list of barns our students have leased from in the past. 

Q: What district does the Lincoln Team compete in?

A: NE District OHSET

Q: Where and when are practices?

A: Our practice barn has been in the Hillsboro area for many years now and is confirmed each September.  We practice 1x per week but not over holiday weekends. Typically, around 2 to 3 times per month beginning in January, February, and March. The practice schedule is confirmed by end of October. We typically get together 1 or 2 times before the December break 1x without horses.  

Q: Are other clinics and practices offered?

A: There are many clinics and additional practices offered for students in the OSHET program. You can find out about them though our team communications as well as on the Facebook OHSET Groups listed above.

Q: How can I learn more about OHSET, rules and competition patterns? (Oregon High School Equestrian Team)


Q: My High School does not have a team; can I ride with the Lincoln team?

A: Possibly. Team placement is based on the public school located within the public-school attendance boundaries of the student’s place of residence with parents or guardian. (curb address). If you are outside the school boundary you may be eligible to coop onto the team, but you must first follow the rules outlined for coops on the web site. Go to: Resources > Rules & SOGs > Co-Ops.

Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: There is no specific age, but all athletes must be currently enrolled in high school (9-12 grade). However, if you’re in 8th grade, you can begin participating as a Groom.

Q: Is there a riding experience level required?

A: No, with a variety of events to choose from, riders and coaches can choose events for athletes to safely participate in.

Q: What is my expected commitment to being a parent of an OHSET athlete?

A: Parent’s should expect to transport their athlete’s or arrange transport to all practices. Parent’s are highly encouraged to help as needed at meets which could include helping set-up/take down equipment, and setting an example for other athletes and parents by showing good sportsmanship between team members and other schools






WORKING PAIRS - 2018 District Campions


WORKING RANCHER - 2018 State Champion






IHOR, (In Hand Obstacle Relay)

JUMPING - 2nd Place State Champion

Steer Daubing

For more information EMAIL:


2024 TEAM: Alyssa, Katherine, Rose, Caroline & Finnley


OEC: 28250 SW Petes Mountain Rd, West Linn, OR 97068