Reporter, Sophia Marshall, interviewed Coach Matt Caruso, and a couple of players on the team.

Sophia: How do you think that the season went for you personally and as a whole for the team?

Caruso: I think we all had a lot of good experiences. I think that we all wish that the record showed, reflected the kind of experiences that we had this year. As for personally, I learned a whole lot this year, I knew what I was signing up for with the whole field situation and that kind of thing. But I learned a whole lot in terms of what it means to be a head coach in the Lincoln community without the X’s and O’s, but more so the community outreach and the relationships off the field.

Sophia: What is your key or biggest takeaway from this season that you will bring into this upcoming season next year?

Caruso: My biggest takeaway from this season is probably to fully embrace the community that Lincoln has to offer and more specifically the community that Lincoln football has to offer. After leaving lincoln it went to some other schools and the community support and the support from inside the building is not the same as it exists at lincoln. Even to the point where I showed up at practice during the preseason and we had managers and they were like “we're here” and I never had managers before and I didn’t know what to do with managers. Some things like that to the boosters, the volunteer support that we get from parents is just fanatic. And just because everything was being thrown at the last minute I didn’t get to ask for more support from the community because there was so much that was just last minute. And I think that the biggest pushback that I got from the community was just having them say to me, ask us and we’ll put it out there. So my biggest takeaway is to take advantage of all the resources that are available to me as a Lincoln high school head coach because we are really spoiled when it comes to the support that we have here at Lincoln. 


Sophia: To start off, what do you think were the strengths and weaknesses of the season?

Player: The strengths this year definitely are adapted. Our ability to adapt on the fly and adjust to new challenges and overcome some of these random things that happen to us that we had to deal with but we handled them and persevered very well.

Sophia: What was the team environment like?

Player: It was definitely, we were all very close. We were all playing for each other. I felt that not one of us was just playing for ourselves. That we all were there for each other and that we wanted to do our best for each other and not just ourselves which is good.

Sophia: What was your favorite part of this season? Or something that you were really proud of?

Player: I was really proud of how our team adapted and I was actually really proud of a lot of the younger kids. Because they were put in positions where they really didn’t feel ready a lot of the time yet they took on the challenge and did a pretty damn good job.


Sophia: What was it like having a new coach this year?

Gus: To be honest it was incredibly difficult. We had an entirely new coaching staff except for a couple of coaches. So there was a lot to get used to. Also, plenty of new players made it difficult kind of having to re-adjust to understand their strengths and abilities. And the same with the coaches having to do the same with the players just made it a really long process that honestly may not have fully panned out.

Sophia: How was the team environment?

Gus: The team environment was actually really sweet as it always was. I actually don’t think that I have been part of a football team environment that was bad or toxic. Everyone is really friendly. We always hang out after football as well as outside of just the sport so we were actually friends so we actually got along. It is also a really good way for underclassmen and freshmen to get to know older people in the school. And it is also a really good way for people to make friends. I really value the sport for that.

Interviewed by: Sophia Marshall